Sometimes, we get questions that are asked A LOT. Before submitting a support request or asking us a question when we stop by the realm (we are typically VERY busy, so please don’t ask us a question that is listed below). Please take some time to read through this section before asking a question! Thanks!

Q: Can I be admin? (or) Can I help out with _?

A: Sorry, we are currently not accepting new admins. We have had a history with an admin who abused the position; so we will only be reaching out to those who show leadership skills. If you want to see something on the realm, reaching out to us via a support form is the best way to make it happen!

Q: Why can’t I build or mine blocks?

A: If this happens, it is most likely due to the fact that you are in a protected area. We auto-protect several thousand blocks around spawn; your best bet is to start building at least 100-200 blocks from spawn.

Q: Uhh, it looks like the realm was griefed. There is [lava, holes, etc…] everywhere! What can I do?

A: Oh no! Unfortunately, our realm has been a target to over three different hackers over the first two days of operation. If this happens, please submit a support form ASAP. An admin can revert the changes that happened, and you will be rewarded!

Q: I asked a question to an admin while they were online. They haven’t responded to me yet! Should I ask them again?

A: If you ask us a question right when we log on, we may still be in the realm loading screen. If you ask us a question and we don’t respond, it might mean we are too busy to answer it (but may answer it later). In very rare cases, we may not see the question at all. Asking your question over and over until an admin responds is not advised and will result in either a kick or a ban.

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